1. White guy and Asian girl? | Yahoo Answers

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    9/7/2008 · This has nothing to do with racism--so get over yourselves So my question is -- Are white men attracted to asian women? (aka yellow fever) And Why are they?

  2. Asian guys...would you date a white/other girl? | Yahoo ...

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    4/26/2008 · Hey, I feel sad about the 100:1 ratio of asian girl/ white guy couples to white girl/asian guy couples. I'm wondering, would you personally date a white ...

  3. Why white guys love us Asian girls so much? | Yahoo Answers

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    6/5/2011 · I'm an asian girl and I get pretty much every white guy throwing themselves at me. I'm a beautiful girl. I have thin frail body, pale skin, and nice ...

  4. Is it normal for a white girl and an asian guy to be dating?

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    9/27/2008 · Hes half Asian or Filipino And we're dating I've never really heard of a relationship like it to be honest Hes a year younger than me It all started ...

  5. Do white girls like Asian guys? | Yahoo Answers

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    8/20/2009 · Every person that I have asked keeps telling me that white girl aren't interested in Asian ... asian girls are dating white guys ... guy and they have 2 ...

  6. Why don't Asian guys like white girls? | Yahoo Answers

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    2/7/2011 · I love asian guys but I never really see an asian guy/white girl couple. It makes me sad because I think that they're only attracted to asian girls. I ...

  7. How does a white girl get a date with an Asian guy? - Yahoo

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    12/9/2010 · So I am white, but I love Asian boys. I love all types, but particularly Korean and Chinese. Anyway it seems hard to find any Asian guys to date, because ...

  8. How do Asian guys feel about Asian women dating white


    How do Asian guys feel about Asian women dating white guys? ... How do Asian guys feel about Asian girls dating Black guys? ... How can an Asian guy get a white girl?

  9. White Girls with Asian Guys - Home | Facebook

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    White Girls with Asian Guys, ... Are there any dating sites dedicated to white girls and Asian ... can I really date a white girl? I’m a data-driven sort of guy ...

  10. Asian Guys and White Girls: The Secret to Success | …


    Asian Guys and White Girls: The Secret to Success. ... from Asian guys about Asian guys and white ... school was dating an Asian guy (she was white if ...